Simula Research Laboratory AS was established in 2001 and is organized as a limited company owned by the Ministry of Education and Research. It is governed by a board of directors appointed by the owner. The board appoints a managing director (CEO), who in turn decides how Simula should operate daily.

Simula Research Laboratory now has several specialized daughter companies, each of which contributes to Simula's activities in research, education, and innovation. These companies (described below) are located in three campuses in Norway, with two campuses located in Oslo (Tullinløkka & Bislett) and one in Bergen.


Simula’s management group is led by Managing Director Lillian Røstad and includes the directors and deputy directors of each company, as well as the CFO, head of administration, and director of Simula Academy. The management group strives to maintain a single, unifying culture across all Simula companies and locations.

Simula's entities

Since the establishment of the Simula Research Laboratory (SRL) in 2001, several daughter companies have been established under SRL to organize its expanding activities in research, education, and innovation. The main entities are summarized below, and a basic overview is presented in the chart to the right (click to expand).

Simula Research Laboratory AS (SRL)

Managing Director: Lillian Røstad
Location: Downtown Oslo

Ownership: 100% Ministry of Research and Education

SRL is the parent company of the Simula Group. The majority of Simula’s research group activities are organized under SRL. Research at SRL is focused primarily on advanced computing, software validation and verification, complex software systems, numerical analysis, and scientific computing. SRL also hosts the Simula Garage (Gründergarasjen), as well as the Simula Academy.

Simula UiB

Director of Simula UiB: Carlos Cid
Deputy director of Simula UiB: Mari Løchen
Location: Bergen

Ownership: 51% SRL, 49% UiB

Specializing in cryptography and information theory, Simula UiB is owned by Simula and the University of Bergen (UiB). 

Simula Metropolitan Centre for Digital Engineering AS

Director: Olav Lysne
Deputy director of SimulaMet: Marianne Sundet
Location: Oslo (Bislett)

Ownership: 51% SRL, 49% OsloMet

Established in 2018, Simula Metropolitan performs high-level research on digitization. SimulaMet also contributes to the education of candidates with digital expertise. The downtown location of the Simula Garage is also co-located with Simula Metropolitan.

Simula Innovation AS (SI)

Director: Ottar Hovind
Location: Downtown Oslo

Ownership: 100% SRL

This is where research meets the practical demands of society. SI supports entrepreneurs during the start-up phase and manages Simula’s investment portfolio.
In addition to 100% ownership in Simula Consulting, SI currently holds ownership in 35+ companies.

Simula Consulting

Acting director: Amalie Tveit Pedersen
Location: Downtown Oslo
Ownership: 100% SI

Bridging academic discoveries and real-world applications, Simula Consulting provides high-quality R&D consulting services in the core competence areas of Simula.



Simula Learning - closed in early 2023

Simula Learning has been closed down. Simula Learning's main business was the CodeSchool, which provided programming courses for teachers, as well as digital upskilling for companies. 

Director: Marianne Aasen
Ownership:  91% SRL, 9% Municipality of Bærum.