Strategies and Annual Reports

Annual Report / Årsrapport

The 2022 Simula Research Laboratory annual report on the state of the company at the year-end of 2022 is available. The report is available in Norwegian and English.

Gender Equality Plan 2022

According to EU and RCN requirements, Simula has published a Gender Equality Plan (GEP). These funding agencies now require that a GEP is in place for grants funded from 2022. Simula’s GEP covers all Simula companies in the group and can be accessed by clicking here

This is Simula

This is a brochure introducing Simula and provides an overview of the research, education and innovation activities and partnerships at Simula companies.

Simula Strategy

This is the 10 year research strategy plan for Simula (2018-2028).

Portfolio Simula

Simula Innovation AS has invested in many promising start-up tech companies. This portfolio is outlined in the Portfolio Simula brochure.