Simula Academy

Simula Academy is the hub for researcher training and continuous professional development at Simula.

Simula conducts basic and long-term research in select research areas of ICT. Our mission is to solve important and fundamental problems of science and engineering, with the main goal of benefiting and advancing society. To continue this important work, we rely on recruiting, developing and retaining excellent candidates at Simula.

The aim of Simula Academy is to provide excellent training opportunities for all our employees to develop the skills they need to do their best work.

Recruitment & onboarding activities

Simula Academy is actively involved in recruitment of new students and employees to Simula, and provides a series of offers for employees in new roles at Simula. The majority of our recruitment activities are conducted through our summer internships program, job fairs and company presentations, and our job listings. Employees that are new to Simula are offered a series of short introductory sessions to learn about how Simula works (the culture, systems, opportunities, and social events) and Norwegian language courses are offered to those wishing to learn or improve their Norwegian skills.

Information and inquiries about career events and worklife related activities can be sent to Rachel Thomas or Stian Engen.

For master's students

Master's students at Simula are integrated into the research groups and are supervised in their thesis work by experienced researchers performing cutting-edge research. For information about doing your MSc thesis research at Simula, please see here.

For early career researchers

PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows are in the early phase of their careers towards becoming independent researchers. Through their research, ECRs receive training in discipline-specific skills that specializes them in their respective fields. In addition, Simula Academy provides a career support framework for our early career researchers (ECRs) to develop a combination of research-related and transferrable skills that allows our ECRs to pursue a broad array of career paths, academic as well as non-academic.
For more information, please see here.

For established researchers / supervisors

Established researchers are already independent and productive in their research areas and tend to be actively involved in supervising the next generations of early career researchers. Excellent supervision is essential in developing excellent researchers that perform cutting-edge research. To support our supervisors and help them keep their practice up to date and current, Simula Academy organises leadership training and annual supervisor retreats.
For more information, please see here.

For everyone

Continuous professional development of all employees is important to Simula, both for those that work directly with or in support of Simula's core activities. Relevant offers for transferrable skills are offered to employee groups according to need and interest, such as leadership training, project and time management, digital security, design thinking and more.



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