2022 Ten years most influential regular paper award

Shaukat Ali, together with Lionel Briand and Hadi Hemmati, was awarded the 2022 Ten years most influential regular paper award, by the Editors-in-Chiefs of the Springer International Journal on Software and Systems Modeling (SoSYM).

Each year the Editors-in-Chiefs announce an award for the regular and theme section paper which had the most influence within the last ten years. The selection is based on the ISI citation index among papers published in SoSyM ten years ago. The award was given for a publication from 2012, which was a core part of Ali's PhD work and based on a collaboration with the industry partner Cisco Norway. The publication is, “Modeling robustness behavior using aspect-oriented modeling to support robustness testing of industrial systems”. Read more about this award: https://www.sosym.org/awards/ 

Ali is currently a Chief Research Scientist at Simula, where he leads the Department of Engineering Complex Software Systems.


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