Managing Director Aslak Tveito to step down as leader of Simula

Professor Aslak Tveito will step down as Managing Director of Simula at his own request and this change will take effect January 1, 2023.

Tveito has led Simula for more than 20 years and will now spend the rest of his career on his own projects in a research position at Simula. Tveito will continue to be engaged in collaboration with University of California, San Diego and Berkeley. In addition, Tveito is chairperson of the board of directors of Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI).

Deputy Managing Director Kyrre Lekve is appointed as Interim Managing Director from January 1, 2023.


Contact person: Chairperson Ingvild Myhre, Email:, Phone: +47 900 38 442


Find a copy of Professor Aslak Tveito's resignation announcement here, which was delivered to employees earlier today.

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