September 13 Lecture: When Software Engineering Meets Quantum Computing

Tekna is holding an evening event called, "The quantum revolution is moving closer". It will take place on September 13th, and can be joined remotely.

Tao Yue, Chief Research Scientist at Simula, will be a speaking at this event. Tao will present, "When Software Engineering Meets Quantum Computing". To develop practical quantum applications that can solve complex challenges in complex problem domains, new innovations in software development are needed. Tao will present research and status in the area. This is part of a larger program where some presentations will be held in Norwegian and some in English.


Quantum computing is a technology that could revolutionize our ability to solve more complex problems. At this event you will learn about what quantum computing is, how far we have come, which areas will be affected first, and what is happening in Norway and internationally.

Time and place: 

Time: September 13th from 17:00–19:00 
Place: Røverstaden, Munkedamsveien 15, 0250 Oslo

For guests:

Attendance is free and it's possible to join remotely upon request. Full details for this event are available here.

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