AuthorsO. I. Al-Bataineh, A. Grishina and L. Moonen
TitleTowards More Reliable Automated Program Repair by Integrating Static Analysis Techniques
AfilliationSoftware Engineering
Project(s)Data-Driven Software Engineering Department
Publication TypeTechnical reports
Year of Publication2021
Date Published11/2021
Keywordsautomated program repair, bug detection, conditional mutation, integer overflow, non-termination, static analysis

A long-standing open challenge for automated program repair is the overfitting problem, which is caused by having insufficient or incomplete specifications to validate whether a generated patch is correct or not. Most available repair systems rely on weak specifications (i.e., specifications that are synthesized from test cases) which limits the quality of generated repairs. To strengthen specifications and improve the quality of repairs, we propose to closer integrate static bug detection techniques with automated program repair. The integration combines automated program repair with static analysis techniques in such a way that bug detection patterns can be synthesized into specifications that the repair system can use. We explore the feasibility of such integration using two types of bugs: arithmetic bugs, such as integer overflow, and logical bugs, such as termination bugs. As part of our analysis, we make several observations that help to improve patch generation for these classes of bugs. Moreover, these observations assist with narrowing down the candidate patch search space, and inferring an effective search order.

Citation Keybataineh:2021:integrate:arxiv

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